Prehospital Response Chain

Emergency prehospital services are an essential component of access to health care services for the Québec population. Knowing about the responders who offer emergency prehospital services is critical for anyone who will, at some point, need to call 911.

When someone calls 911 in an emergency, that call triggers a response process involving several players. The prehospital response chain is comprised of the series of actions and interventions performed to help someone in distress.
Even if ambulance services are an essential component of the prehospital response chain, and undoubtedly the most well-known among the population, the other links in this chain also play a crucial role to ensure emergency situations are handled efficiently.

Here are the components of the prehospital response chain:

  • First responder or designated first-aid attendant (if applicable);
  • 911 emergency service;
  • Health communications centre (HCS);
  • First responder services (FR);
  • Ambulance services;
  • Hospital or receiving institution.