Ambulance Services

Ambulances Radisson - Services préhospitaliersThe ambulance technician profession has significantly evolved in the last few years and their role is not limited to transferring a patient to a hospital. The ambulance technician is an essential part of the prehospital response chain and is responsible for assessing the patient’s condition, to provide them with the care they need, to transport them to a hospital or receiving institution and to inform that hospital or institution about the patient’s condition.

As mentioned before, the nature of medical procedures ambulance technicians can provide during an intervention has evolved significantly. Indeed, ambulance technicians are authorized to:

  • Use a semi-automatic defibrillator when a patient is in cardiac arrest;
  • Intubate a patient in cardiac arrest or suffering from respiratory failure;
  • Perform an ECG to quickly diagnose acute infarctions;
  • Ventilate a patient who needs ventilator support.

Additionally, ambulance technicians can now administer certain types of medications, i.e.:

  • Glucagon for hypoglycemia cases (low blood sugar);
  • Nitroglycerine and aspirin for chest pain cases;
  • Salbutamol (Ventolin) for respiratory distress cases;
  • Epinephrine for serious allergic reactions.