Why Choose Groupe Radisson?

Groupe Radisson, a privately-owned company, is a key player on the Québec prehospital scene, thanks to its diversification and its fleet. In addition, joining Groupe Radisson is joining the largest private ambulance company in Québec—our company owns a 12% market share.

Considering Québec demographics, a career as an ambulance technician shows great promise, and Groupe Radisson is convinced that ambulance technicians are the core of the prehospital response chain. As such, Groupe Radisson needs to make sure that the numerous interventions are performed in a healthy and safe environment. In that respect, Groupe Radisson believes that occupational health and safety must be integrated in our common daily actions, and we advocate for everyone’s commitment in this matter. We wish for the passion of our ambulance technicians to endure throughout their careers. Therefore, prevention in terms of occupational health and safety is a premise ingrained in our daily operations. Groupe Radisson is proud to have been a trailblazer in the Québec prehospital industry by establishing occupational health and safety committees for most of our fields of activity.

Groupe Radisson strives to be a socially and financially responsible company. We advocate for an exceptional quality of service while ensuring a healthy financial management of our company, which guarantees our long-term sustainability. Thanks to its long-term strategic platform, based on a strict governance process, Groupe Radisson performs its activities by ensuring they are perfectly consistent with its strategic orientation.

Lastly, joining Groupe Radisson is also planning for retirement. Indeed, since FondAction is one of our development partners, Groupe Radisson has undertaken to pay, for the benefit of its employees making contributions to the FondAction RRSP, one dollar ($1) for every dollar invested by the employee, up to a maximum of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) par employee, per year.

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