A Word from our President


Groupe Radisson is one of the largest privately held companies in Québec’s prehospital services industry. We operate paramedic services in more than 20 locations throughout 6 administrative regions and employ more than 300 ambulance technicians/paramedics who strive to save lives day after day, as well as 26 administrative employees who support them daily.

Groupe Radisson transports close to 20,000 people every year to meet the needs of the population.

Development of Groupe Radisson mainly stemmed from the acquisition of existing permits. Groupe Radisson made its first acquisition in 2001. Established by ambulance company owners, the initial goal of Groupe Radisson was to sustain the quality management philosophy of a sole-ownership company focused on the population’s needs to pool expertise and provide superior care and services.

This year, Groupe Radisson is celebrating its 15th year of operation. The Group is still growing in an ever-consolidating market and strives to be the standard in prehospital services in Québec.

Improvement in practices and specialization of prehospital services constantly create pressures on ambulance companies, and thanks to these pressures, Groupe Radisson is more than ever positioned as a valued partner to create value for the population and the Department of Health: to save lives and reduce morbidity.

As a matter of fact, when browsing through our site, you will be able to appreciate the values our company puts into practice every day.

To further improvement of clinical, operational and management practices on the road to excellence, Groupe Radisson has adopted an integrative management model based on Lean Health care.

Sébastien Toussaint, MD
President, Groupe Radisson