Corporate Values

Quality of Service

Groupe Radisson values the quality of services as the cornerstone of its companies.

Employee training, availability of our material resources in good condition, maintenance of a positive working environment and constant thoroughness in our work will allow us to reach the excellence we’re striving for and better meet the evolving requirements and needs of the population.


Groupe Radisson is built on respect for individuals.

Respecting patients’ dignity is at the heart of our mission; fairness and equity guide relationships with our employees.

Good faith, transparency and pursuit of common interests are the foundation of business relationships with our professional and financial partners.

Team Work

Groupe Radisson believes team work fosters excellence.

We are convinced that the innovation required to differentiate ourselves on the prehospital service scene and to meet our business goals—namely creating value—depends on a daily, complementary action from employees, leaders and managers that will bring about synergy between everyone’s skills and knowledge sharing.


Groupe Radisson enforces an ethics-based behavior.

We contend that individual decisions, actions and interventions must be imbued with professionalism, honesty and constant goal of reconciling the best interests of the population, company, stakeholders and partners.